Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters are an integral part of the pool circulation system.  The 3 different types of filters available are the Cartridge, Sand and DE filters.

Cartridge Filters

One of the most popular forms of filtration. The cartridge filtration system uses a cylindrical filter that is made of pleated paper-like material.  The filter sits in a cylindrical tank and water flows through the filter before returning back into the swimming pool.  Cartridge filters are easy to clean and maintain. When the PSI increases, simply take off the lid and wash the cartridge down, removing any dirt and debris.  Replace the top and enjoy your pool.  They are the most energy efficient option and easy to replace.  No backwash is needed and are moderately priced.  Usually the most popular choice among pool owners.


Sand Filters

This form of filtration features a large tank filled with sand.  Water flows through the sand which filters debris before returning back to the pool.  When the filter material shows higher PSI, the system needs to be backwashed.  The sand in a sand filter can last for years before having to be replaced if properly cleaned and maintained.  Sand filters are the cheapest to purchase compared to cartridge and DE filters because they do not offer the same level of filtration as the other do.  Clarifiers are sometimes recommended to help with the removal of debris.


DE Filters

DE (which stands for diatomaceous earth)  is a mixture of sedimentary rock that is crumbled into a powder form that filters water.  The DE adheres to the grids and captures the smallest of particles.  When the PSI reading elevates a backwash is needed.  At that time the DE medium will need to be added.  DE filters are the most expensive to purchase but they provide the best form of filtration.


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